When people ask me why art I always feel inadequate to verbalize my visual experience.  I feel my language is visual. 


I know I love color and am often delightfully usurped by it from whatever else I may have been doing or thinking. I’ll get stuck on the color of a field in a certain light, trying to figure out just what I would do, what colors I would use to try to capture not only the color but the feeling or the intellectual idea of something.


The process of making art is the way I feel complete, at peace, fully in my own skin. It is kind of like being born and seeing the world around me for the first time and being awed, being nothing other than new and alive. It is play and telling secrets. It is only after the fact that all these other considerations and questions arise, begging somehow to be answered. I have none.

I only hope that you will enjoy.  

Ruth Hamilton